About Touch

Welcome to Touch Rugby Galway

Welcome to Touch Rugby Galway and thank you for taking the time to check out our website. Touch Rugby Galway was set up in early 2012 to promote the sport of Touch Rugby in Galway and across the West of Ireland. Our first league began in September 2012 and was a great success. We run leagues and training sessions all year round so can cater for new players and old faces alike. While the sport has huge following in the Southern hemisphere it is relatively unknown in this country so our intention is to help change that as quickly as possible.

What is Touch Rugby?

Touch is a rugby based non-contact sport for male and female players of all ages. It started out as a way for rugby players to train during the off season but has developed into a worldwide sporting phenomenon. Touch is played all over the world and has regular international competition on a yearly basis. There are international weekend tournaments all over Europe, a European Cup and a World Cup. It is played in 3 separate categories: Womens, Mens and Mixed and in several age categories including open (any age), over 30’s, over 35’s, over 40’s and over 50’s. This variety ensures that no matter what age or gender, there is a place for everyone in the sport.

How is it different from Tag Rugby?

At first glance the games are quite similar however there are a few key rules that make the style of play dramatically different. For example Touch does not require the use of tags and as such it promotes a more fluid game. There is also the possibility of the attacking team initiating the touch bringing in a more strategic element to the play. Like every sport the best way to understand the rules is to play the game, so why not come down to one of our training nights where we will be happy to give you a full introduction to the sport.

Where can I play?

We currently run a league and sport specific training sessions. These take place on Monday nights and Thursday nights respectively here in the city. Times and locations are subject to change so if you are interested in getting involved please contact us at the e-mail address below or check us out on facebook. The idea of this training night is to introduce new players to the sport and also help existing players develop their skills. We run drills, camps and demonstration matches to ensure every aspect of the sport covered from ball skills to fitness and conditioning but the main emphasis is always on the fun side of the sport.

So why play touch?

There are many reasons to play Touch Rugby. Some do it for the fitness element, some because it is a fun energetic sports where men and women compete equally. There are those who relish the opportunity to play for their country and of course some just get involved because it’s a great way to meet new people in a very social environment. Whatever the reason, if you do decide to come along and join us we guarantee you a great evenings fun and we promise you will leave with a smile on your face.